Your own personal web site!

On a page or two you can display invitations, crafts to sell, advertisements, upcoming events, photos. Or give the perfect gift of a web site for a birthday, anniversary, special occasion ... the possibilities are endless.

And itís NOT expensive.

Personal Places will design an impressive small site for you at a reasonable cost. And if you do not wish to pay a hosting company, we can arrange to have the site on our own for up to 6 months, at no extra cost.

We will work together, through e-mail, in person or on the phone. We will create the ideal site for you.

If you need a larger site this can be done upon your request. There is no maximum amount of pages we will do. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and our pricing, if you are interested in a full site.

$150.00 includes Ö

  • one page
  • 3 images
  • content supplied by you
  • graphic headings and sub headings
  • textured background
  • 2 JavaScripts
  • your logo
  • 2 hyperlinks, including your personal e-mail
  • option of graphic designs by outside individuals (We can show you what graphics are available and you can pick from one of these, if you wish, providing we link back to their site. The work is extraordinary)

Additional Pages
$100.00 each for first 10
$50.00 each thereafter
Additional Images $5.00 each
Custom Logo
(by well-known computer graphics artist)
$250.00 - $500.00
Content Writing
(our writer is the author of many books)
$50.00 and up

All of the graphics and headings on this site, including the fractal background and Flash intro, were done by our web developer.

Feel free to check out the portfolio. Many of the sites were as gifts or for fun. Click here or on the link below to arrive at that page.

"If we listened only to our intellect, we'd never have a love affair or friendship. We'd never go into business. Sometimes you've got to jump off of cliffs and grow your wings on the way down."

(Ray Bradbury)