• Why does it bother my sister so much that I’m an atheist?  She knows I’ve never been religious and it was pretty obvious to everyone around me that I was drifting further and further away from the church.  I enjoyed Sunday School, because all we did was play and colour pictures from the bible.  I remember a certain picture, and a certain smell of the paper, from when I was really young.  I had to have been about five years old, and the scene in the picture was so peaceful.  Children and sheep sitting at the feet of a man in a white robe as we sat under a tree.  No, actually, it was a picture in a book we were reading; the pages were glossy and colourful.


    The soft religions, like the protestants for example, aren’t so much a religion as they are a social club, and a business.  Unfortunately, they’re small businesses and are having a tough time surviving against the big guys.

  • It just hit me.  It’s not so much that I don’t like to run errands.  I only like them when someone drives me around, drops me off to park the car, comes in with me to carry packages and such, and picks me up from a nice warm foyer, in a nice warm car. I only like errands when I can have my staff with me.

    And I only run errands during the week when I can’t schedule them for the weekend.  I don’t really enjoy running into people and when someone is with you, people are less inclined to want to chat with you.  Also, they will know to run interference and help with the escape.  So they’re also body guards.

    If they don’t mind then that’s a major win.

  • I really do understand how the religious can’t accept atheism.  Their eternity includes a wondrous world of no evil, no sadness, all our loved ones showering us with joy and peace.  Who wouldn’t want that?  But that belief  comes with a price; a cruel, jealous, vengeful deity, in every religion.

    We don’t know, but we must be pretty gullible to believe that a deity, and only one … the one we believe in … is responsible for our creation.  Yet it’s merely story-telling that got out of hand.  I speculate, but underneath every imaginative and current bit of guesswork, is the knowledge that it’s all just speculation.

    Why could I not believe what people were telling me about a deity who would make my eternity heaven.  Perhaps evolution produced a biped who was supposed to be comforted by being tended to all eternity.   I thought I was an aberration.

    Grade Eleven World Religion, in the early seventies.  Why were there so many religions, and why was ours the right one?  I still couldn’t face it.  Giving up hell is the leap.  There’s your proof of indoctrination.  Once you no longer believe, you can see the different holds religion had on you.

    Common sense.  It comes down to common sense.  Which makes more sense; an amazing creation of sciencebeing of dhysics, chemistry and all the elements in the universe, or the creation of a deity who only cares about one planet and only cares about one religion on that planet.

  • Just read it.  Read what’s going on in their lives.  They’re not aware that you read their timeline, but it doesn’t matter because you’re in their list of friends.  That list is a list of the only people in the world who can follow your life, when you feel like it.  When you get older, it’s social media, such as Facebook, that will have to give us a semblance of a life when we can’t do much else.  In the right hands, it becomes a non-invasive way to stay connected to our family and friends.  It’s going to be hard for the extroverts, when their bodies force them to slow down.  They’ll really miss the interaction.  And if they don’t have an outlet strong enough to fill that void, it will be torture for them.


    How is it fair that my sister is more bothered by my being an atheist than I am with her being a christian.  I don’t mock their religion.  Why does it bother them so much.  I think it might make them question their faith a little?  You can’t live in a bubble.  Yes, you take away comfort in the words and the lessons and parables, but that’s not the bible.  You can’t cherry pick.


    These fanatics who live their lives totally by the word of the bible are the true christians.  The rest of you have managed to turn speculation into a religion all of it’s own.  Did I mention you can’t cherry pick?