• Sixteenth Post

    I looked around the room, at the five cats enjoying their mid-evening nap, and see confirmation that we don’t always make good decisions. I’ve remarked to my sister that ‘no good deed goes unpunished’, she reminds me about all  the great ways they’ve enhanced my life.  She’s right.

    They give me purpose.  I could think of a million other ways to get purpose, but this way is the best … living in the world of a happy, warm, complex little colony.  Actually it’s still two colonies still trying to come together, but we’re working on it.  One thing that makes it all worthwhile is that when a cat loves you, you know you deserve to be loved.

    Luckily, they’re such creatures of habit, that once you get them into a routine, it’s a lot easier.


  • Fifteenth Post

    It’s official.  Between the Purple Urkle and the Cannalope, Purple Urkle wins for best buzz.  Let’s see how long the mellowness lasts.

    It’s 1:23 AM. I’ll check back in an hour.


    And my group, the Trailblazers of Humanism, is not only about the famous. It’s about us as well.  We make the changes, whether from a couch, a desk, in an office, out in the field … we make the changes.  I don’t condemn the religious and it’s important that we accept each other.  As long as you’re not an asshole, and want what’s best for the world, without being nuts, I’ll like you.


    It’s 2:00 AM and the buzz has really softened.  I still feel it a little in my eyes, like in the seventies, so that’s kind of nice.  Nostalgic.


    A play, at a desk, reaching into social media … posted on a screen.  Troubled, medicated, introverted and stoned woman.  Coping, and making it an art. (How to show the extroverts)  

    It’s 2:15 and buzz is gone.  I feel kind of mellow but it should be a lot more, considering this is supposed to be an indica.  Time is still running slowly though.  It feels a like it should be more than 15 minutes later.




  • Fourteenth Post

    I just tried a new strain of pot.  The supply company that the cannabis clinic sets you up with isn’t bad, compared to the companies starting up now, but I found a pretty cheap one.  No tax and no delivery charge.

    This strain is called Purple Urkle, and the buzz is pretty good … I feel it in my eyes.  Like in the seventies.  And I’m not as coherent.  Plus, it’s like I don’t remember all the lessons in the mechanics of writing.  I’m not going to edit this because I want to read it in awhile, when the buzz is gone.

    Okay, I was just resting my hands for a moment there and this has just become too much trouble.  It’s killing my buzz.  I’ll watch all the action that’s going on in the States.  It’s such a relief that they lost the House.  It’s not a lot, but it is still so important.  Now I’m going.


    I just read over what I had written previously, and I’m surprised at how well I did.  But then again, I’m still buzzed.  It’s 10:54.  I wonder if it’s only been like a minute since I took that break?




  • Thirteenth Post

    Both boys have chosen mates who have the same quirks I do, but they’re split up between the two of them.  It’s nice to know that I wasn’t too much of an embarrassment.  🙂

    And we all want the same thing; the happiness of my sons.  We’re on the same team, and I’m relieved I can step back now.  I feel the choices they’re making are good ones.  I’ll always be their secretary though … for all four of them.  I have the time, so they’re lucky.

    Words I enjoy saying:

    • Iditerod
    • Pepperdine
    • Inuvik