• Sometimes I switch back and forth between creeping unease and normalcy.  The normal moments make the creeping unease a little less unnerving.

  • Women carry life forms … men should be worshiping us. What did they do? Fertilized an egg … but my body brought it into existence! I owned it. How can we not think of ourselves as hive queens. We carry the future. The religions pushed us down, and fucked up as leaders.  We are meant to be the leaders … and I’m stoned as fuck right now.  lol

    And women who carry will only be a portion of the female species since the ones who don’t carry will be the guides.

  • No matter what happened between my husband and I, we never really stopped being friends.  Strained though, and with his snoring it makes it hard to go places together since we need two room, but we do it.  And since we can’t go many places, because it would cost us a fortune ordering the extra room, it gives us an opportunity to have pets.  They’re never really left alone much.  You know, if I were a cat, I would want to live here … food, treats, play, litter, pettings, gentleness, but especially challenges, since two colonies are working at coming together and cat-fights are not uncommon.

    My goal is to have a cozy home that becomes everyone’s territory – both humans and pets.


    What Heather and I need is a lunch date with a few of us from B and O.  Carol … what about Carol?  No one gets me, like Heather does.  If I had to pick one person whom I know would be there if I needed them, it would be Heather.

  • The problem is, if I’m visiting people, my mind starts to need a different stimulus or the restlessness is intense.  That’s why it’s fun to play games or doing something a little more than just talking … keeps my mind active. I go to someone’s house, my unease kicks in and it becomes really difficult for me