• Potential humanist themes

    • When you finally stop believing
    •  on the road to non-belief
    • what’s wrong with me?
    • I’m not going to hell
    • The last fragment of superstition to die … hell
    • Children who don’t believe
    • Indoctrination doesn’t always work
    • What is going on with the governments that it’s necessary to keep us enslaved by superstition.
    • Tobacco kills and it’s still okay to smoke.  Religion is poison and it’s okay to indoctrinate.  It’s nothing personal.  It’s just business.
  • I can spend the rest of my life loving even the ones who are gone.  It’s not for eternity.  I’m lucky to have this life so I’m honoring the ones I love.  I used to think my dad had the funniest yawn I’d ever seen.  I find I sometimes yawn like that as well.


    We don’t know what’s after death.  But we don’t believe it’s bad.  It’s natural.  Survival instincts drive us to continue on, to fight to survive.  We are sadly aware, however, that our lives will one day end.  We don’t share in the blissful ignorance of other all creatures, with no awareness that their lives would one day end. The natural course of a life is unsurprising but not without the will to survive.

  • Once we’re ready, human evolution will burst forward.  Once all the deities die out as we evolve, we’ll be unstoppable.


    My lack of belief is probably more comforting to me than your religion is to you.  But we can’t un-indoctrinate the populations.  There’s too many of them.  Religion will fade out on it’s own but it would be nice to be able to nudge it along a little.


    There is more to this universe than just matter.  There’s time, there’s distance; why could there not be consciousness?  There’s the concrete and there’s the abstract.  But it could be reborn in any intelligent being in the universe.


    Everything in this universe has an opposite.  Heaven and hell don’t count since they’re fiction. But we’re a part of it.  How amazing is that?  Your daughter was a part of it.  If there were a true god, it would have wiped out grief.  Just think of how much better we would serve it if we weren’t grieving.


    If you have even the slightest bit of doubt about your religion, it makes it so much harder to deal with a loved one’s death.  I don’t want to lose anyone and there are people in my life whom I would die for.  But if they die first, I will want to go as well.  But I can’t and that’s okay.  I can live the rest of my life knowing they were a part of it … and remembering.  We need to have remembrance parties.


    Oh gawd!  I’m in the stage of my life where it’s no longer primarily the funerals of parents … it’s also the funeral of friends….


    Having a good day.  I feel a bit of optimism … happiness.  I want more but this will do.

  • It’s like a library of gods.  Thousands of stories of creation, spirituality, morality, evil and hell … all bound up in a book that will become your life. And people will believe it to be the truth.