Great line …

People bring their morality to their religious texts; they don’t get their morality from them.


We accept our fate but it doesn’t mean we don’t go down swinging. We don’t want to die as much as the next person but we also know that death is natural and we’ll be okay. We know our purpose, and we’re evolving.  Knowing that our purpose is to grow, to survive, to explore, and with all the drawbacks, we are doing it.  Too slow for my liking though


The problem isn’t that you don’t accept us.  We’re just not supposed to bring it out into the open.  Why?  Who are we hurting?  You can’t change what you believe just by wanting to.  It doesn’t work that way.


I made the mistake of thinking I would be accepted for who I am and not what I believe.  All I wanted to do during that lunch, was retreat.  I was stunned, and hurt and would have liked to go off somewhere to lick my wounds.  I couldn’t leave though since I was Linda’s ride and didn’t want anyone really knowing there was something wrong.


But I know how to convince people that I’m fine and there’s nothing wrong.  Lots of practice.