All those questions we have about life won’t be answered by our generation.  They may not be answered for countless generations.  That’s evolution.  One day our species will have solved the riddles of the universe.  We move them forward, and they move forward the next generation, and so on ’for which we can’t find an answer, answer widon’t have answers for is the next generation’s responsibility, and to move us forward, as we did to them


There’s so much out there – through that portal.  Once I explore a topic, and create a project, when I reach the part of my project where I’m confident I would make it a success, I move on.  Project over.  People who really know me shouldn’t be surprised when I announce that, “I don’t wanna do this anymore. It’s boring, and I know I could do it and that’s good enough”.  We don’t live forever … so what else can I try?


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