About Me

All the fractal art is mine.  Another reason I want a blog is so I can display some of my CG art work.  It’s a great place to compile my images, instead of having to search for them in a dozen or so files from over the years.

I smoke pot.  I’m an introvert.  I have type 2 diabetes. I’ve had warning strokes in the past but quit smoking and have had no problems since.  After the last, serious TIA (mini-stroke) I kind of unraveled and had to go on disability.  I was diagnosed with PTSD which I can understand given the abuse I endured in my first marriage.  Those are the main issues in my life.  Actually, the strokes and diabetes are the only issues.  The introvert part is just me and I enjoy it, and I’m on medical cannabis for anxiety, insomnia, and leg cramps at night.  The cannabis helps, immensely.

I’m a night owl and proud of it.  (It’s currently 2:24 AM)

Oh, and I’m a humanist but that’s neither here nor there.