The Journey

You take this journey with me even though you are not here, not flesh that I may touch or taste. But you are more than fantasy and imagination. You are thoughts and memories, images pulled from my mind as I start to remember. I bring back feelings of you and the warmth of you, your hardness and your shape. They all form a very real spirit of your sensuality and eroticism in front of me as I close my eyes.

I remember your eyes, and pictures of you bring the memories closer to that part of me that stirs with desire for you. As time has gone by the desire has grown and it amazes me how one man can have such power over my body. I react without any conscious control with the mention of your name or an e-mail of a few words. It's as if I am waiting to be switched on by only you and it is fabulous.

When I think of you and the erotic power you have over me I only have to put my hand to myself for an instant to feel the surge of lust. And it is true lust for nothing is too much and everything is not enough. It is wild and feral and you are all I want when I feel this incredible heat.

I know it won't take long. I can tell by my touch. I start to move my hand against myself, my fingers lightly brushing that spot that takes me to a world of senses ... and you are there. Your eyes boring into me as I think of your face wanting to bring you as far into me as I possibly can. You are more than an image ... you are the force behind my lust and the scattered memories that play out in my thoughts as I touch with just the right pressure, just the right speed, living moments of you. I remember the taste of you and the feel of you. I remember the pressure of your body against mine and that magical moment as you slipped inside of me. I remember the electricity. I have never been able to relive moments as much as I have these and they follow my fingers as I build in my lust. I am wet and wanting you with every ounce of my being. I have no other purpose but to reach the climax with you totally engulfing my thoughts.

I remember the feel of your lips ... soft ... warm and intimate. And this brings passion to mingle with the lust and the warmth spreads all through me as I feel the contractions and tingles that let me know I am close to orgasm. I have to force myself to stop in my rythym so I can enjoy it longer ... but I am so wet from you ... my breathing shallow, fast ... and I don't want to stop. I only have to look into those eyes that hold my sexual soul and then I know I can't stop, even if I wanted to.

As my fingers move faster the images play out in my mind at a speed I would not be able to sustain without the lust. I spread myself open with my fingers ... just a little ... to feel you through my fingertips everywhere. The lust builds and my desire grows feverish in my wanting you. I hold in the moans but my body is beyond restrained. I can't stop ... and those eyes are taking me further ... the memories are taking me over. I move my fingers now with no other purpose but to take you to the limit, with me, in me, and I could never have anyone else but you.

For these few and wonderful moments you own me, body and soul. I reach the peak whispering your name, twitching convulsing inside ... on fire ... and always it is your name that shares my breath. My fingers knowing just how to move and I know that nothing could make me stop. But at that moment of release it is the vision of you pushing inside of me, that wonderful moment of joining with you totally, which pushes me to climax. The passion, desire, those eyes, flood my soul and spreads throughout every fiber of my being with emotions that only can be felt when you have taken me somewhere I can only go with you.

then I go watch some tv and go to bed.