• A humanist is a person who helps to make the world a better place for future generations, and they do it themselves. That’s it. No deities allowed, if you want to be known as a humanist.

    I have been different than 90 percent of the people in my life, all my life.i only have a little window before I start losing my fucking mind.  This is why I talk, and I listen.  I only have a short time before I get the need to recharge and since I unraveled years ago, that time has gotten shorter.  So, don’t forget … very adept at the computer with an intense need to check things out.

    They paid me for everything.  I’m not the most confident driver so they paid for my train, and all taxi rides.  They paid for my food and I got to spend all kinds of alone time for a change.  It was great. Like a retreat.

  • Your religion hurt someone who respected you and genuinely cared about you.  You treated me with such disdain, I was in shock.  And why?  Because I don’t believe as you do?  Is this what your religion teaches you?


    Our one in 400 quadrillion chance of existence was for one purpose – to advance the species. Life, when left alone, is in balance.  This planet doesn’t make mistakes so you have to realize that every life that wins the existence-lottery, is supposed to.  It’s what we do when we get here that can screw it up and even then, we fight to make it right.

  • Aunt

    She had her flaws, but somehow they just made her more interesting.  She needed someone to tell her that it was okay to not know what happens when you die. But it won’t be bad. 

    But what we don’t know is what happens to that consciousness that’s unique to only ourselves.  And we are so meant to be.  I think of the calculated odds and they’re one in four hundred quadrillion.  Check out the ratios of men to women and it’s always so even.  Things will happen to decimate a gender, like war, and then more of that gender will be born.  The earth is such a tight ecosystem that we, if left to thrive, will always have a balance.  This amazes me.

    We really are like leaves on a tree.  We fall, and wither into dust.

    You’re never going to advance if you don’t hold on so tight to a myth.  I don’t care what your religion is as long is it hurts no one and it gives you comfort.  You have to know that your religion is one of the many that has caused genocide; a religion who’s top Vatican officials share the enormous riches they rake in.  They have enough to end world hunger but choose to rape and sodomize children instead. That cult has murdered homosexuals, atheists, slaves for centuries and wore white robes and hoods that are still in existence.  And this is the Christians I’m talking about.  Don’t get me started on Muslims, Hindu, Mormon, Scientology, and countless others who indoctrinate their members so they’ll never leave.

    Some of the smaller, neighbourhood religions are generally harmless.  There’s nothing wrong with someone needing something to believe in.  It seems the ones who are most afraid of dying are the ones most likely to be religious.  But they enjoy being there.  It gives them comfort.


    There is no religion of peace.  So far, the non-believers aren’t the ones starting wars. We’re the harmless ones.


    But there has to be believers and non-believers.  There has to be balance.


    It’s nice to know that good and evil aren’t equal so it’s obviously okay to get rid of evil.


    Aunt is agnostic but she would love a secular and non-secular service.


    Aunt ? is fighting on her own now.  Let’s see what happens because this may be all she needed.  And she is soo family, right.  So much of who we are.  Some  of the most important people in our lives are our aunts and uncles … usually. Having them in our life gives us comfort and they help us feel safe.  How many of us have that one relative that ranks so high that they are really you’re immediate family.  If I know Aunt, she knows how to manipulate.  People don’t realize how good she is at it and how much we admired her for it.  She did it.  She lived a full life, on her own terms … a bit of a loner, but a woman who constantly asked questions, researched, socialized, and knew how long it took to recharge.

  • We can’t fight every cause.  We have to choose to fight for one or two, and cheer on the ones who battle for the rest of them.