I design web sites that are both easy to navigate and quick to load. I put a lot of care into picking just the right colours and just the right look. And, having spent much of my life in sales, I realize that marketing strategies are as important as how you display your product, so I use the tips and ideas that have been ingrained in me. You get more than an internet presence ... you get performance.

My fees are unbelievably low for what you will get. Anyone can afford a web site. I can give a small business a web site that they will be proud of. I listen to you. I study your product and I design your site around it. They are all unique and tasteful. View my portfolio and you will see the diversification in my work. I believe in simplicity. But, I will still design it with your wishes first and foremost in the layout and presentation.

One of the hardest parts of web development is content. The average, small business owner has trouble finding just the right words to advertise his product. I have a writer/editor collegue who will help you. For a modest fee this published writer will reword and edit the text for you to get the best results possible. He is my editor and mentor and he is offering his expertise as an additional service to you.

In addition to help in your content writing, we have the assistance of a well known computer graphics and traditional artist who will custom design a logo for you. His work is nothing short of amazing. A few of his images will be on display here along with a link to his gallery. When we discuss the cost of custom designed logos and you compare the price with unknown artist's work, you will realize the advantage to one of his logo's; Beauty, originality and fabulous design at a price you can afford.

"If we listened only to our intellect, we'd never have a love affair or friendship. We'd never go into business. Sometimes you've got to jump off of cliffs and grow your wings on the way down."
Ray Bradbury